Scott Briggs, Vice President, Broadcast Operations

I began my radio career with the Explorer’s Group in the early 1970s, and was a news intern at WISR in January of 1976. From 1979-1981 I worked part-time in the evenings at WBUT, and began doing high school football broadcasts in 1982, covering Butler on Friday nights and Knoch on Saturdays. I still do play-by-play for Knoch football and basketball on WISR.

I am a graduate of Knoch High School, Westminster College and Clarion University. After retiring from Butler County Community College, I became part of the ownership group that purchased WISR, WBUT & WLER in January of 1998.

Outside of the radio stations, I am a member of the Butler County Emergency Communications Council. I am also a member of the local amateur radio group and am currently looking for the best ham radios available for the group. I’ve been a life member of the Saxonburg VFC, and a Public Information Officer for the Butler County Emergency Management Agency.

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Bob Cupp, WBUT Program Director, Breakfast Club Host

In 1984, I began my career with the Butler Radio Network. I am currently the program director for WBUT and morning show host of the Breakfast club from 5:30-9:00 weekday mornings. I can also be heard on The Rock Station as the Rock Doctor weekday afternoons, and as host of our Grass Roots program on Sunday evenings.

I’m a graduate of Butler High School and Slippery Rock University. I love enjoying life with my wife, Betsy, our sons RJ and Jeffrey and our dogs, Fluffy and Moose. I enjoy bowling, I love music and exposing people to music they may have forgotten or never heard!

Something people may not know about me…I’m terrified of speaking in public!

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R.J. Cupp, Board Op

I began working here in 2010. I graduated from Butler High School and am currently a student at Butler County Community College.

I’m a huge fan of all Pittsburgh teams, and enjoy Media Arts. I live in Butler with my parents and brother.

Something people may not know about me: My full name is Robert James Stanley Cupp!

Tyler Friel, News Director

My dynamic personality and curiosity have carried me far in life, ranging from my time as an Ice Road Trucker in Alaska to navigating my way along the Nile River with a group of underprivileged Irish chickens. I coordinate the Latvian Opera Club on the Island every Wednesday night through an undisclosed Butler County Chamber of Commerce committee.

At Slippery Rock University, I was acclaimed for my groundbreaking research in translating R.E.M. lyrics and was the lone participant in Communication Department’s trip to Butler’s South Side in hopes of discovering the original “Jake’s Bar Nine.” Shakespeare is a big fan of mine, with some English scholars noting that I may have not only inspired Hamlet, but also Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I don’t get bored often, but if I have some downtime, I experiment with radical new designs to a conventional toaster. To alleviate stress, I play in a Saturday morning full-contact ceramics league at the Butler Cubs Hall.

I told Ed to introduce Carson with “Here’s Johnny!” and Jimmy Page asked me to write Stairway. My line of khaki night gowns headlined G.Q.’s fashion week and I am currently working on a shoe more comfortable than the Nike Monarch for men over 50. I have sailed the seven seas, flown around the world in 80 days, and have fun, fun, fun on the Autobohn. I introduced Keith to Mick, Paul to John, and Simon to Garfunkel. I run marathons each morning, and swim the length of the English Channel each night, and also Mondays through Friday I work as the News Director for the Butler Radio Network and love talking on the radio.

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Kathy Gregory-Steiner, Corporate Development Manager

What began as a casual relationship with the Radio Stations…back in 1996 (we think!)…blossomed into a long-term relationship! WISR was then on Main Street and I got a call from the Owner and General Manager asking me to come in and talk. I did. Reluctantly, I fell in love with everything about radio. I was already a news junkie and the fact that the news was always right at my fingertips made for a great ride! Soon, I became entrenched in all the day to day operations. That’s where it all began.

I am now the Corporate Development Manager for Butler Radio…WBUT / WISR / The Rock Station 97.7. I also do a morning show on WISR, “Coffee with Kate” and have blabbed my entire life out over the airwaves (some things are better left unsaid…but NO…I’ve told it all). I have served on the Board for the Butler County Humane Society, the Associated Artists and the Blind Association.

Currently, I reside in Center Township with my husband…and, the love of my life, Abbie K. Abbie K (Abigail MacKenzie) is a purebred Border Collie who has a command of the English language better than most humans I know! She has become quite famous and enjoys her long walks every morning with me and Frisbee… every morning… thru rain, snow, sleet and hail! UGH!!!. I am the very proud mom of two wonderful grown children, John (who resides in Butler) and Jessica (who now resides in Richmond, VA)…and my wonderful grandson, Colton, who is my soulmate…my buddy and my teacher in Computer Science!!!. I also have a precious grandson, Nickolas, born December 21, 2016, in Richmond, VA.. Nickolas has been diagnosed with Miller Dieker Syndrome, under the Lissencephaly Spectrum. We were told he would not live…however, he soon will be two years old at this writing. I go to Virginia once a month to hang out with him. We adore and cherish this little man who has taught us all so much! I’m also lucky in the fact that I have 2 step grandchildren, Stephanie who resides in California … and just recently was married… and Lukas who is now 6 years old.

Something you may not know about me…I LOVE football (The Steelers), politics, beer, music and dogs. Did I mention wine? That too! I love social media…and love having friends all over the world…and I love what we do here at the radio stations!

Vicki Hinterberger, President & General Manager

As part of my relocation into the Witness Protection Program, I was placed with the Butler Radio Network in 1996. I was told that I didn’t fit the “radio mold”, but I proved them wrong…as I’m still here! As General Manager, my main job is that of zoo keeper, making sure all the animals are taken care of.

I am a PSU graduate with a degree in Business Administration. I have been happily (mostly) married to hubby, Steve for 34 years. We have two sons who also graduated from the great PSU.

I love cooking, eating, trying new specialty drinks and family vacations to anywhere with a palm tree. I’m an avid sports fan of the Pirates, Steelers, Penquins and Nittany Lions, and enjoy shopping, swimming, entertaining, and reading. I have a passion for volunteering and helping local non-profits raise funds for projects. I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Butler County Community College, YMCA, YWCA, and the Butler Health System Foundation.

I’m currently in discussions with NBC regarding a sitcom about our crazy radio stations–think WKRP in Cincinnati, but funnier and based in Butler. Oh, the stories I have to tell–I know an Emmy is in my future!

Something people may not know about me…I love playing cards & games–to win, of course! I am a part-time germaphobe. And, I collect cookbooks from all over the world, and have one from about half of the states.

My favorite quote is by the great Dr. Suess…

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Contact Vicki at

Henry Ibinson, Weekend News

I started with the Butler Radio Network in 2014 as a weekend news anchor and board operator for our family of stations.

My career in radio started in 2013 at Slippery Rock University’s radio station, WSRU. During my college years, I hosted a weekly sports talk/rock show and provided play-by-play commentary for SRU football and basketball games. I graduated from Slippery Rock in 2017 and work full time as an accountant outside of my position with Butler Radio.

I am also a graduate of Knoch High School, and played football and basketball throughout my high school years. I have fond memories of hearing my name on WISR 680AM, which I believe started my love of radio broadcasting.

Something you may not know about me is that I’m an extremely lucky person, and I have won many contests and prizes. The Powerball Jackpot may be next.

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Lisa Marie Kendrick, Media Consultant

I have always had a passion for learning and for the art of “Communication” – which lead me to earn an Associate degree in Communications from Butler County Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and Corporate Communication and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, from Geneva College, respectively. I’m also proud to be a member of the Leadership Butler County Class of 2007. My educational experiences (and cohort-style learning) have certainly helped shape and prepare me for the many roles I have taken on thus far.

With nearly 20 years experience in the world of PR, marketing, and media communications, I have had the pleasure of working for some amazing nonprofit, for-profit and higher education organizations. However, my three-year hiatus of being a full-time Stay-At-Home-Mom has been my best, most rewarding, most fulfilling and most exhausting position to date! That said, I have found that being a Media Consultant at Butler Radio Network is just as exhausting and rewarding!

A resident of Butler Township since 2001, I am married and have 3 beautiful daughters that make my life worth living every day (and who have given me a few gray hairs along the way)! Since I have no spare time, I have no hobbies or interests other than my kids and family. No…seriously I don’t. Sad, I know?!! I love to laugh and meet new people and I certainly feel blessed to be a part of the Butler Radio Network family. I truly do “Love What We Do”.

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Jay Kline, The Rock Station Program Director, Morning Show Host

I’ve been in the radio industry for 30 years and have stayed local from Pittsburgh to Youngstown. I am in love with the three of the most beautiful girls in the world…my wife, and our two daughters.

I love radio. It is fun waking up, to wake you up Monday through Friday! I love meeting all of Rock Station Nation!

Contact Jay at

Dave Malarkey, WISR It’s Your Turn & Morning Show Host

I have been on the air at WISR for 30-plus years. I am a native of Parker, Pa…the smallest city in Pennsylvania. I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Communications and Broadcast Journalism.

I am current member of Connoquenessing Creek Watershed Flood Control Authority, the Butler County Local Emergency Planning Committee, a past board member and president of the Butler Musical Theatre Guild, and a past board member and chairman of the Butler Little Theatre.

Recent good reads include, “The Dead” by James Joyce; “In the Shadow of the Glen” by J.M. Synge; and “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor, and my addictions are golf and Isaly’s chipped ham.

These are a few of my favorite things…A pint of Guinness and singing in my church choir (not necessarily at the same time.)

Contact Dave at

Justin McKinney, Media Consultant

Growing up I was one of the last generations that looked forward to the end of a school day, so I could spend the remaining daylight outside running around the neighborhood with my friends. Nowadays kids rush home to sit in front of their televisions to play video games. Playing football in the yard, a game of hockey in the cul-de-sac and exploring the woods behind my house shaped who I am today. I enjoyed playing sports, but I started to really enjoy the broadcasting side of these sporting events. This is where my passion for radio and broadcasting was born.

After graduating from Seneca Valley I attended Kent State University and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Broadcast journalism. While attending Kent State I was the Sports Director of our school run radio station, as well as being the play-by-play voice for Kent State football, baseball, basketball and hockey. This led me to become a host of my own sports radio show in Akron Ohio after graduating. Although, growing up a lifelong Steelers fan I could only talk about the Browns for so long. After 3 years of hosting it was time to come home, buy a house and get married. Along the journey I discovered that I enjoy selling things, maybe it is because growing up my favorite movie was about a salesman (Tommy Boy), no matter the case I enjoy betting on myself for success. Working at Butler Radio Network has afforded me the opportunity to combine both of my passions, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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Kayla Molczan, Remote Broadcast Host

I started with Butler Radio as an intern during the summer of my senior year in college in 2010. They must not have hated me because they asked me back! I started working part-time in various facets in 2011 and became a full-time employee in the News Department in February 2013.

I always knew I wanted to do something in the journalism field since I was a kid. My family used to call me “KDKA-Kayla” because I would always “report” back to my parents and aunts/uncles everything that happened while playing with my sisters & cousins as a kid- how annoying! I’m proud to say I was part of the first television morning news team Butler’s Northwest Elementary School ever had as a sixth grader! I graduated from Butler High School and then Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with an emphasis on TV-News. I’ve interned at KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, WCBS-TV in New York City and with Butler Radio- which is how I ended up here! I like waking up every morning (at 3:30 a.m.) not knowing the direction my day will go. Pair that with the fact I get to talk to people for a living, makes one happy girl!

Being a Butler girl born and raised, I’m happy to be working in my hometown. After moving away for college and interning in NYC, many have asked what keeps me here when there’s a “whole world out there.” I love being close to my family and I love the people in Western Pennsylvania (OK- not ALL of the people!) That being said, I do like traveling as much as I can! Also pretty cool in my book: great concerts with good company, trying new restaurants and breweries and spending time with the people I cherish most : )

Something people may not know about me…I’m a proud alumnae of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority- which truly left me with lifelong friends & college memories I’ll never forget! In addition to the sisters I gained in college, one of my actual sisters is a professional dancer, who is employed by Holland America Cruiselines and makes a living by traveling the high seas- from Alaska to the Caribbean. My other sister is on a path to become a doctor…And all I do is talk! : )

Contact Kayla at

Tracey Morgan, On-Air Personality & Social Media Specialist

When people say, “I heard you today” I have to ask them on which station? I work for all three of our entities with the Butler Radio Network. I anchor the noon news on WISR as well as host a talk show called Let’s Talk. I also am the Midday Personality for The Rock Station 97.7, handle some social media work for all three of our stations, and assist the news department when needed.

I’ve worked in radio for more than 25 years, and have been with the Butler Radio Network since 2011. Throughout my career, I’ve been honored with 6 awards, which include a program I produce for St. Luke Lutheran Church and School in Cabot, PA.

I enjoy coaching others when it comes to communication. I’ve spent a lot of times with interns that come in and with other professionals who need to give speeches or presentations.

I am married and have two sons. When we can, we go snow skiing. I’m the skier, the rest of the family are snowboarders.
Something people may not know about me…I’ve always wanted to write a book.

Contact Tracey at

Patrick Parker, Superstore & Phone Party Host

I started working here in 1987. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication:Emphasis on Radio and Television from California University of Pennsylvania in May 1987.

I run sound at North Street Christian Church, occasionally read at Graceway Church, and am one of the PA announcers at The Big Butler Fair.

I enjoy playing racquetball and church league softball.

Something you may not know about me…I played three years of soccer at Vincentian High School and I was on the Debate team in college.

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Ryan Saeler, News Reporter

I started my radio career after graduating from Westminster College in 2002. I’ve held positons doing promotions, production, board operation and producing at KLBJ in Austin as well as ESPN Radio and CBS Radio in Pittsburgh.

I live in the Crafton/Carnegie area with my wife, Nora and our conure bird, Beaker. I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies and running. I have lots of family in and around the Butler area, so chances are you know someone I’m related to. I joined the Butler Media Group in 2014 and am excited to be covering news in my hometown.

Something people may not know about me…My middle name is Starr.

Contact Ryan at

Anthony Willison, WBUT Saturday Mornings

I started working here as Board Op in 2003. It was my first part-time job while I was still in high school. I started out working the board for sports broadcasts on nights and weekends, and then moved into the Saturday morning on-air position. I still work Saturday mornings (and Friday nights during high school football season) in addition to my full time job with a masonry restoration company.

I am an avid bowler with one 300 game under my belt, and even work part-time at a local bowling center. I love music of all types from Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot to the music of the 80s Hair Bands. You’ll catch me singing along to Joe Diffie and even Petula Clark, and every Saturday morning on WBUT you’ll hear at least one song from the great Roger Miller! I love going to concerts and my biggest pet peeve is open-mouth chewers!

Something you may not know about me…I play piano and guitar.

Megan Willison, Promotions & Digital Media Director

After years of being a stay-at-home mom, I began working here part-time in 1999. I started out answering phones and working the front office, and now handle the design and maintenance of our four websites, and coordinate the promotions and events for our three stations.

I’ve lived in Butler all my life and have been married to my husband, Ron for almost as long! We have three children, Anthony, Katie and Andrew and three beautiful granddaughters.

I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and baking, doing home improvements, and quiet time on the deck watching and feeding the backyard birds. I think I have tried every craft out there including painting, sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking, stamping, and floral arranging.

Some things people may not know about me…I had my 15 minutes of television fame when I was featured in a series of TV commercials for a local grocery store chain. I took a cake decorating class when I was 14 and have been decorating cakes for every family function, holiday and birthday since.

Contact Megan at

Taylor Connelly (Zediker), Assistant Media Specialist & News Sheet Sales

I started working here in 2018 after graduating from La Roche College, now La Roche University, with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design & Communications. My husband and I started dating while I was a junior in college, got engaged in 2019, and decided to get married in 2020. Boy, do I wish we could’ve seen into the future!

Regardless of everything that came with 2020, we were still able to be married. We had a micro-wedding in my Mom’s backyard on our original date in the spring, and then got married in our church for a “We Do Redo” in the fall with our loved ones that couldn’t celebrate with us at the first wedding. How many people can say they got married to the same person twice in one year?!

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy spending time with friends & family and playing with our dog. My hobbies include photography, crocheting, painting, baking, and hiking.

Fun facts about me: I played volleyball for six years and have been to six countries through the People to People: Student Ambassador Program and La Roche’s Study Abroad program.

Contact Taylor at

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