The Voting Period: Votes can be submitted from October 15-25.

How Many Businesses Can I Vote For? You can vote for just one business per category.

When Will Winners Be Announced? Winners in each category will be announced on October 29.


About Our Business Listings

Our goal is to run the most fair and unbiased contest possible.

Businesses do not pay to be on the Butler’s Best ballot. They are nominated by visitors to ButlerRadio.com. 

After the nomination period ends, entries will be tallied and verified. It is at the discretion of The Butler Radio Network to decide if a business fits the category into which is was nominated.

Businesses with Featured Listings have paid to upgrade their listing with a logo, website link, and description in order to promote their business. Purchasing this enhanced listing simply increases their visibility within a category, but does not affect the outcome of the voting. All businesses have the same chance of winning. Any perceived advantage of an enhanced listing is due to the increased awareness the listing may provide.

The Butler Radio Network takes pride in offering its listeners and advertisers contests in a fair manner. Our contests are administered by a third party platform that has many safeguards in place to protect against voter fraud. The platform has systems in place to track browser fingerprints and IP addresses of our registered users. IP addresses are monitored and if any fraudulent activity is suspected, those users are disqualified.

Butler’s Best winning businesses will be celebrated at our awards party where they each receive a custom plaque.

Check out some of last year’s winners.

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